The company adheres to the business philosophy of “harmony, innovation, and travel without borders” to guide the company's innovation and development. The enterprise has built an internal harmonious cultural system and formed a cultural characteristic of harmony between the enterprise and the market and with the society. The training and learning-oriented enterprise construction won the national honor. The management and the main managers of the company insisted on the “three-yong spirit” of “never complain, never give up, never give up”, leading the employees to struggle and strive for self-improvement. The transition from survival to development has brought about the move from traditional to technologically innovative enterprises. At the same time of the company's own development, through the diffusion of product parts and cultural output, it has driven Tianshui and a group of surrounding enterprises. In the Wenchuan Earthquake, Spark donated 2.18 million yuan to donate 1 million yuan to support western education. It has repeatedly donated social disaster relief donations and public welfare undertakings, and made positive contributions in building a harmonious society.