Tianshui Xinghuo Machine Tool Co., Ltd. is one of the cradle companies that specializes in the production of large horizontal rotary lathes in 1967. After 50 years of operation, it has become the world's largest and largest horizontal machine tool manufacturer. The predecessor of the company was Tianshui Xinghuo Machine Tool Plant. During the planned economy period, according to the national “three-line construction” strategic layout, Shenyang moved to Tianshui to make important contributions to national defense construction and national economic development. Through all-round innovation and technological advancement, the company has maintained rapid growth for many years. The company's leap-forward development model has been praised as “Spark phenomenon” in the industry. It has been rated as “New Eighteen Arhats” in China's machine tool industry. SPARK has now become the world's horizontal machine tool. The first brand of suppliers.

The company has acquired the French Soma company, etc., and established a sales and R&D center in Europe. In the domestic Qingdao, Yingkou, Nanjing, Lanzhou, Tianshui and other places to set up a number of subsidiaries, the formation of a machine tool business, testing machines, transmission parts and other services supplemented by multinational operating group companies.

The company has passed ISO900 quality system certification and European CE safety system certification; obtained national occupational health and safety management system certification, environmental management system certification, the company is the governing unit of China Machine Tool Industry Association, China Metal Cutting Machine Standardization Technical Committee member unit, China Metal The cutting machine tool standardization technical committee heavy duty lathe branch committee member unit, the mechanical industry basic standard information network net member unit, the China Mechanical and Electrical Enterprise Technology Association executive director unit, the product implements international standards and advanced standards of industrial developed countries, products cover all over the world.

The company has won one of the first batch of innovative enterprises in the country, “National Enterprise Intellectual Property Demonstration Unit”, “National May 1st Labor Award”,, “National Introduction of Foreign Intelligence Demonstration Unit”, “Standardized Good Behavior Enterprise”, “China Metal Cutting Machine Tool” The top ten leading enterprises in the manufacturing industry, the “Top 10 Enterprises with the Most Development Potential”, the “Top 500 Enterprises in the National Machinery Industry”, and the “SPARK” trademark of the company were recognized as China's well-known trademarks, and the SPARK brand CNC lathe was awarded the famous brand products and company in China. For three consecutive years, it has been rated as one of the top 30 enterprises in the Machine Tool Association.

The company has a national-level enterprise technology center, and the company is recognized as a high-tech enterprise. The company initiated the establishment of “Gansu Province CNC Machine Tool Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance” and “Gansu Province CNC Machine Tool Engineering Technology Research Center, and built the “internationalization” strategy. The enterprise innovation platform and the international advanced research and development technology exchange platform have a research and development team in France.

The company has strong technical strength and strong research and development capabilities. It is composed of a group of R&D and technical workers who enjoy special allowances from the State Council, provincial-level academic leaders and national-level mechanical industry masters. It has undertaken many national-level “863, science and technology support plans, CNC”. Research and development projects such as major machine tool special projects. It has 212 authorized patents, including 21 invention patents. The company has won the first prize of scientific and technological progress in Gansu Province for seven consecutive years, and various products have filled the domestic and Asian gaps.

The company is at the leading level in the field of high-end equipment manufacturing, and has pioneered many of the world's largest heavy-duty horizontal lathes (swing diameter 6300mm) and the world's longest shaft processing in China's machine tool industry. Horizontal lathe (processing length 28000mm), the world's ultra-precise aviation lathe (repetitive positioning accuracy and roundness ≤0.2u)。